When talent attraction is as competitive as ever, ensuring every candidate can engage easily with your careers content and apply for jobs is crucial.  The subject of accessibility for disabled candidates should be an important element for recruitment teams - in the UK alone there is a disability employment gap of more than 30%. Many people with disabilities face barriers that stop them from entering the workplace, but if we can make the attraction and application experience an accessible one, recruiters can tap into this huge pool of talent.

Globally there is an estimated 1.3 billion people with a visual impairment

(source: WHO)

At Jobtrain, we’ve made our candidate hubs easily accessible through the inclusion of an integrated Accessibility Toolkit. Amongst an array of features, the Accessibility Toolkit allows candidates to adjust font size, the contrast on the screen for the partially sighted, change the language or run the screen reader to read aloud website content.

Making your candidate hub accessible for all couldn’t be more important - the stats speak for themselves:

In the UK alone, 16% of the population is dyslexic and;

  • 4 million people have a learning disability
  • 19% of working age adults are disabled
  • 2 million people in the UK have English as a second language

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