It's not often organisations give away their technology, service and support for free but the situation we are in is truly unprecedented and we want to provide whatever support we can to those recruiting within the NHS. 

We are offering Jobtrain free of charge to the NHS.  A guaranteed fast implementation (hours not weeks!), outstanding support and functionality built to support volume recruitment.

  • Advertise for free - post directly to NHS Jobs, Indeed, Google for Jobs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter plus many other job boards
  • Highly configurable - flexible application forms and email communications
  • Allow candidates to pre-populate applications from their CV
  • Receive applications directly into Jobtrain as candidates apply on NHS Jobs - no need to wait for the job to close
  • Interview scheduling - easy to set up and manage directly within Jobtrain 
  • Provide real-time reporting on key data including source reporting
NHS Rainbow