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Featuring a wide-range of industry experts across a variety of key topics, the Jobtrain HoW Talent Sessions are free online learning and insights sessions for everyone in the HR, Recruitment and Talent Acquisition communities. Register (or watch back) each session below by following the links.

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How To Create Productive Partnerships With Your Hiring Managers

Productive partnerships with your Hiring Managers is critical for successful recruitment, but how do we go about improving those relationships, especially during the pandemic and with remote working?

With a panel of experts from Omni, the resourcing transformation specialists, we'll be discussing:

  • What the impact has been on Hiring Manager relationships since the start of the pandemic
  • How often you meet or engage with Hiring Managers and what should be discussed when you do
  • The key strategies to support Hiring Manager education on candidate management and effective hiring
  • Video interviews - are they here to stay?
  • The benefits of training for Hiring Managers
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Watch our previous webinars below:

How to Help Your Hiring Managers Live and Breathe Your Employer Brand v2

How to Help your Hiring Managers Live and Breathe Your Employer Brand

Employer Brand and your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is one of the determining elements in the successful recruitment and retention of talent for an organisation. This webinar shows you how to bring your Hiring Managers onboard and working in partnership with you:

  1. The key role Hiring Managers have in delivering a consistent and engaging experience for candidates
  2. The best way to explain the importance of EVP & Employer Brand
  3. How to ensure your Hiring Managers communicate your EVP and Employer Brand in the recruitment process
  4. How Hiring Managers can amplify your organisation’s profile and attract new talent.

We were delighted to deliver this session in partnership with Paul Ainley from Chatter Communications, an award-winning Employer Brand agency.

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Onboarding and Pre-Screening webinar with GBG

Onboarding and Pre-employment Screening in a Remote World

With many of us now working from home, successfully managing pre-employment screening and onboarding in a remote world is critical. 

Alongside our guest expert, Lee Hughes from global identity data intelligence specialists, GBG, we discussed:

  • Pre-employment checks: what's available and which checks you may want to consider using
  • Remote onboarding and referencing: tips on how to manage this virtually whilst ensuring compliance
  • How Identity verification rules have changed and are evolving as a result of COVID-19
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5 Steps To Buying The Right Recruitment Tech

Creed Comms' recruitment marketing expert, Dave Walstow, joined our session with his top tips and advice on buying the right recruitment tech for your business.

  • How to source potential suppliers
  • Getting the most from tech evaluation and product demos
  • How to identify the right supplier for your organisation
  • Asking the right questions to buy with confidence - the devil’s in the detail
  • Our top tips for negotiating the best deal
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Safe Spaces: Creating A Culture Of Psychological Safety For Your Teams

Understand how you can unlock team an organisation's performance by increasing levels of psychological safety in your culture - watch back this webinar to learn how this can be achieved, even when working remotely.

Kate Hargreaves, Founder and Managing Director of Mosaic Partners, a specialist People and Organisational Development Agency was our expert guest.

They discussed:

  • Psychological safety - what it is, and what it isn’t
  • Provide a self-assessment to rate your team’s levels of psychological safety
  • Generate ideas and good thinking about the ways psychological safety can be increased, with examples.
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How to buy a HR System v3 main image

How to Buy a HR System

Emma Perris and Louise Johnston from expert HR system selection consultants, Phase 3 joined our session to help you answer those important questions:

  • Do I need to change my HR system or stick with it?
  • There’s so much choice. How should I start my search for a new vendor?
  • What are the risks and costs?
  • How to prepare the business case for a new system
  • Preparing your selection process requirements, demos and shortlist
  • The common mistakes in selection and implementation and how to avoid them
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HOW webinar - How to transform your hiring with video

How to Transform Your Hiring Using Video

Stephen O'Donnell is the founder of the National Online Recruitment Awards and works with recruitment technology start-ups (including VideoMyJob). He has hosted over 300 online webinars and coaches companies on their video strategies.

With Stephen's expertise, we talked about how to transform your hiring using video

  • How and why the use of video has been catapulted in 2020
  • Bringing workplace stories and job adverts to life with video
  • Using video to enhance communication with candidates and colleagues via email and messaging
  • Conducting video interviews with confidence
  • Understanding the right tools and tech you need to produce professional videos
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Talent Acquisition and Recruitment for 2021 and beyond main HOW page

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment for 2021 and Beyond

Watch back this webinar to learn how to transform your recruitment function from a cost centre to a strategic profit centre.

Ben Gledhill, Head of Resourcing Transformation at Thames Water joined Giles in this session. Ben has a wealth of knowledge and expertise working in Talent Acquisition with many major organisations including Yodel and currently Thames Water.

They discussed:

  • Where is Talent Acquisition and Recruitment at the moment?
  • The Technology tipping point; is it finally time for automation?
  • The financial challenges facing TA
  • The yellow brick road to profit centre?
  • What is the future of TA/Recruitment?
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Talent Referral programs reimagined

Talent Referral Programs Reimagined

In partnership with Creed Comms

Alongside Creed Comms' recruitment marketing expert, Dave Walstow, we covered:

  • The value of referrals as a keystone in talent acquisition strategy
  • Understanding what your employees want from a referral program
  • How to market, launch and deliver your referral scheme to achieve maximum engagement and results
  • Using tech to deliver a new approach to drive engagement, referrals, measurement and rewarding your employees for more than just hires
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Webinar - building your Talent Tribe 1

Creating Talent Tribes and Communities. Time to Build For the Future?

Special guest, Maureen Brown, Founder and MD of Sullivan Brown Resourcing Partners joined us to discuss:

  • The opportunities for Talent Acquisition - why now is the time to grab them!
  • Beyond the noise - looking to the long term
  • Creating your Talent Tribe to build success
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Why Your Careers Site and ATS Need To Play Nicely

In partnership with Creed Comms

Recruitment marketing expert, Dave Walstow from Creed Comms, the creative, digital and media communications agency joined Giles on this session.

They demonstrated how to achieve:

  • Consistency of brand
  • Creating a seamless candidate journey from careers site to ATS
  • The challenge of job adverts vs. descriptions
  • Tracking activity and conversions
  • How to make job searching and display consistent
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Candidate and Recruiter Experiences

Changing roles, expectations and recruitment in a ‘new normal’

Special guest, Maureen Brown, Founder and MD of Sullivan Brown Resourcing Partners brought along her expertise to this session to discuss:

  • Candidate behaviour and expectations – their changing psychological needs
  • The recruiter experience and role in the ‘next normal’
  • The shifting job market and its future outlook
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Diversity and Inclusion - Recite Me

Diversity and Inclusion

We were joined by ReciteMe accessibility expert, Martin Robertson, on this webinar to discuss the how you can make sure your recruitment process is accessible for all. Martin has been helping organisations make their online sites and platforms more inclusive for the last 4 years. If you want to know the difference between online accessibility and online inclusion, he can tell you.

Giles and Martin discussed:

  • The differences between accessibility and inclusion
  • Demystifying and explaining WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and AA compliance
  • Learning and understanding your audience and the options you should make available for diverse groups (e.g. personalisation, colours, fonts and languages)
  • Setting up your ATS to deliver an inclusive candidate experience
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How To Swear By Your ATS and Not At It!

We shared how technology fits into a Talent Acquisition strategy and how you can realise its full potential.

  • Measure the true RoI of recruitment technology
  • Buy the right ATS platform with confidence
  • Set yourself up for success, align with stakeholders and build true partnerships with providers
  • Demystify development, roadmaps and integrations
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Birmingham Hippodrome_Crowdcast

Delivering a Values-based Hiring Experience 

Birmingham Hippodrome is the UK’s most popular single auditorium theatre welcoming, on average, over 500,000 visitors every year.

In this session, we looked at how, with Jobtrain, Birmingham Hippodrome deliver a talent acquisition platform that reflects their values in their hiring experience and:

  1. Transforms the candidate experience
  2. Sets the stage for hiring managers
  3. Places the spotlight on insight with meaningful reporting
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Crowdcast - Spring clean of your recruitment tech with Nathan Colman

Spring Clean Your Recruitment Technology

In this period of ‘business as unusual’, there’s never been a better opportunity to review the tech you have and make sure it’s perfectly set-up and performing for when we do return to business as usual.

With Nathan Colman, they chatted about:

  • Are there gaps in your knowledge or opportunities for taking advantage of underused features functionality or introducing additional automation?

  • Are you aware of all the latest enhancements and how you could use them?

  • Have your processes changed and does the ATS support those changes?

  • Spring clean, review the scope and set-up of your ATS with your provider

Nathan has led recruitment for some of the UK’s leading providers of education. His passion for candidate experience and recruitment transformation has been a key focus throughout his career.

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Training and upskilling - mastering your technology (Holly)

Training and Upskilling - Mastering Your Technology

Now is a great opportunity to gain a really deep understanding of the tech you have and ensure you’re getting the most from it. Where should you start and what should you be looking out for?

Holly Hall, Implementation Success Manager at Jobtrain, joined Giles in this session. Holly previously worked for our client, ODEON Cinemas, where she implemented, rolled out and trained Jobtrain to the entire organisation (to Hiring Managers too!).

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Killer candidate experience HoW webinar

Delivering a Killer Candidate Experience

In this period of ‘business as unusual’, now is a great time to review your end-to-end candidate journey.

Special guest Dave Walstow, recruitment marketing expert and Client Services Director at Creed Comms joined us to discuss:

  • Back to basics with your candidate experience – putting it all in place!
  • Preparation for the post Covid-19 world
  • Build your brand experience and reach through referrals
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Crowdcast Reporting and Insights Cielo

Reporting and Insights - If You Can Measure It, You Can Improve It

How accurate and relevant is the data in your ATS? Are your reports a true reflection of your key KPI measurements?

EMEA Talent Manager for Cielo Talent, Alex Jordan joined Giles on this webinar. Alex has previously been involved in a range of client side, in-house and agency recruitment roles (for longer than he might care to acknowledge!)

They discussed:

  • What you are currently measuring and what else you could be measuring
  • Efficiency (time and cost) is key to a successful talent function – so are you measuring the right things?
  • “The purpose of education is not knowledge, it is action” (Herbert Spencer) – so what are you actually doing with your information to make improvements?
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Importance of engagement - Josh Willows, Broadbean

The Importance of Engagement – People Power and Employee Advocacy

Reaching and building your brand and engagement levels with the groups of talent you might want to hire in the future is critical.

Josh Willows, Head of Corporate Sales at Broadbean and the EMEA Lead for Social Referral, brought his expertise to this webinar to discuss:

  • How to harness your biggest recruitment marketing asset – your people!
  • Making content sharing easy and creating brand ambassadors
  • Reaching a wide and diverse group of talent using your employees’ social networks
  • How to reward for more than just hires
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Advertising On a Budget - Amplifying Your Message

We were joined by programmatic expert, Thomas Prince, Co-founder at Talent Nexus to talk about how to amplify your message to candidates through advertising, as well as:

  • Showing you the best ways to advertise job vacancies that engage and stand out from the crowd
  • Free sources and job board aggregators
  • Social sharing and how to harness the power of your employees to reach wide and diverse networks of potential hires
  • Measuring success based on quality
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Onboarding and Pre-boarding

Giles and Clare from Jobtrain chatted about the 4 Cs of Onboarding:

  1. Compliance
  2. Context
  3. Culture
  4. Connection

The evolution of online onboarding

How to create transparency in a virtual world

Tips to measure and improve your process, quality and speed for new hires.

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Candidate Engagement For 2020 and Beyond

In this webinar, we explored 4 key areas of recruitment and how technology can help boost your Connection and Engagement.

  • Job adverts for 2020 and beyond
  • Reaching an audience using people power
  • Inspire, inform and engage your future hires
  • Exploring the black hole of pre and onboarding

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